This is the official home of the oldest flying disc club in the United States. The MFA was established in 1975 and continues to strive to create a community of flying disc participation and awareness.

With the extreme rapid growth of the sport of Disc Golf, the vast majority of our membership is comprised of avid disc golfers.


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Minnesota Frisbee Association
Minnesota Frisbee AssociationTuesday, January 24th, 2017 at 12:46pm
Minnesota Frisbee Association
Minnesota Frisbee AssociationSunday, January 22nd, 2017 at 5:41am
Can we play through? 🐷🐔
Minnesota Frisbee Association
Minnesota Frisbee AssociationFriday, January 20th, 2017 at 12:27pm
⭐️🏆 2017 Minnesota Majestic Update: 🏆⭐️

We will be splitting the Amateur and Pro events again this year! Both events are up on the PDGA calendar.

AM weekend: July 1st and 2nd. B-tier

Pro Weekend: July 7th, 8th, and 9th. A-tier

Courses and details are still being finalized. We will plan on opening registration through the MFA website in early February.

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Oh and get excited peeps! Let's make these events great this year!!

Tommy Locke
MFA President
Minnesota Frisbee Association
Minnesota Frisbee AssociationSunday, January 15th, 2017 at 4:02pm
It's that time of year again. What better way to look forward to Spring in MN than counting down the weeks left of Winter! We're one week away from the start of this year's Winter Countdown League at @visionquestpark! Flex start on Saturdays! Contact @tommy_locke with any questions!
Minnesota Frisbee Association
Minnesota Frisbee AssociationSunday, January 15th, 2017 at 5:03am
113 folks out braving the 'cold'. Congrats to the St Cloud Disc Golf Club on the 25th anniversary of the St Cloud Ice Bowl!! #winterdiscgolf #discgolf #mfadiscgolf #mfa
Minnesota Frisbee Association
Minnesota Frisbee AssociationTuesday, January 10th, 2017 at 12:06pm
Want your Minnesota Disc Golf league to be added to the MFA calendar on the MFA website? Message us on Facebook to get it added!!


Why Join the MFA?

Why should I join the MFA?

The Minnesota Frisbee Association prides itself on being the oldest disc sport club in the United States. The MFA was founded in 1975 with a mission to promote disc sports (disc golf, ultimate, freestyle, etc.) through education and competition. One of the MFA’s current goals is to build the community of disc golf in the great state of Minnesota. The MFA is a non-profit organization that is put together by an Executive Board of volunteers that help organize events throughout the year, plan for member meetings, as well as think of innovative ways to better the Flying Disc community.

By joining the MFA, you are becoming a member of a club of athletes who are united for one cause… to enjoy and participate in the different flying disc sports. This can be done in multiple ways: recreational rounds with your friends, weekly league events, or even competitive tournaments both in singles and doubles formats. Let’s not forget about the other highly popular pastimes of Freestyle and Ultimate Frisbee. With the growing popularity of disc golf, the MFA is strengthening our numbers in hopes of creating a community of players of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to unite and further our favorite sport and activity.

How do I become a member?

To join the MFA as either a new or renewing member, click here!

Where does my money go when I join the club?

Great question! The MFA utilizes all of our income for the betterment and benefit of the club and our members. This includes and is not limited to: donations to Disc Golf tournaments and events, purchasing of merchandise for club members, purchasing of bag tags, purchasing of membership package material for new and renewing members, and Sports Development Grants to help improve new and existing courses that we all love!

The MFA Board keeps ZERO of the money that is provided to the club. Our participation is solely based on volunteerism.

What is the current goal of the Minnesota Frisbee Association?

As we eluded to earlier, our goal as the Minnesota Frisbee Association is to promote the club to attract new and renewing members. Our vision is that when our club grows in numbers of members, we will have a better opportunity to establish a strong disc golf community that will hopefully lead to:

  • Increased revenue that will in turn directly impact our members and courses,
  • Attraction of external support from sponsors and clubs to further grow our sport
  • Increased reach throughout the state of Minnesota to organize course-clean-up days and events

What can I do to help the club in this mission?

Join the MFA and become a member of our club! With your membership we will become one step closer to our goal. We also aim to have you be an active promoter of the club and to share and invite your friends to join as well!

If I sign up, what do I get as a member?

The club will be altering the membership packages for both new and renewing members.

New members will receive:

  • A personalized MFA disc golf mini with a personal MFA number
  • A 2017 MFA Leather Bag Tag (provided in increasing numerical order)
  • A $5 PDGA Discount Coupon Code to use when renewing your membership or joining the PDGA for the 2016 calendar year

Renewing members will receive:

  • A 2017 MFA Leather Bag Tag (provided in increasing numerical order)
  • A $5 PDGA Discount Coupon Code to use when renewing your membership or joining the PDGA for the 2016 calendar year

Why don’t I get a free MFA disc as a new member?

The MFA is altering the incentives of becoming a new MFA member. This will help the club in being able to finance other benefits provided to members. This will included: added donations provided to disc golf events, added promotions and incentives provided to members only throughout the 2016 season, and added financial flexibility to help local course development throughout the state!

What additional benefits will I get for playing in MN Disc Golf events as a member?

The MFA will continue to administer our Minnesota Summer Tour (MST) and our Minnesota Doubles Series (MDS)!

Added benefits for players includes:

  • A matching of $1 per player at either events for the Ace Pool prize. If you are an active member of the MFA and get an ace, the MFA will add $1 per player to the Ace Pool purse!
  • We will also continue to track and maintain points and rankings for the MST and MDS tours. Active MFA members can earn points by participating in all MFA-sponsored events that will go toward year-end CASH payouts for both tours. The cash payouts are available for all divisions, both Amateur and Pro.
  • The MFA also hopes to be able to provide additional members-only incentives such as raffles throughout the year, additional CTP prizes for members, and additional perks of being an MFA member.