Floater Newsletter

Committee Chair: Richard Rasch

Marketing and Technology
Committee Chair: Derek Tonn
Description: The marketing and technology committee works to create and maintain a consistent image of the MFA. Promotional materials, merchandise and other opportunities as needed are coordinated to ensure long-term growth and viability of the club. They also ensure that the club is utilizing technologies to best communicate with the club and oversee that these technologies continue to remain relevant and active.

Committee Chair: Chris Dorman
Description: The membership committee aids the board in entering in new and renewing members into the clubs membership database. They also attempt to clean up any old membership data while providing suggestions to the board how to better the clubs membership records.

Mider Cup
Committee Chair: Brian Kohout
Description: The Mider Cup committee chair is awarded to the Zone Coordinator of the previous seasons winning Mider Cup team. This committee schedules and plans the current years Mider Cup date, location and possible sponsors.

Minnesota Majestic
Committee Chair(s): Carl Peach / Chris Dorman

Committee Chair: Brian Gustafson

Committee Chair(s): Richard Rasch / Chris Dorman
Description: Update the Minnesota Summer Tour and Minnesota Double Series point standings on a regular basis and provide them to the membership.

Committee Chair: Mike Snelson
Description: Appointed bi-annually by local PDGA members. This individual is a state liaison to the PDGA regarding the scheduling of PDGA sanctioned events throughout the state.