Executive Board

The MFA Executive Board establishes annual goals, manages events and membership, and sets the strategic direction for the club. The board consists of the MFA President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as a Zone Coordinator to represent each of the four MFA zones. These positions are elected by the MFA membership annually at the Fall Membership Meeting.

2016 MFA Election Results


2016 MFA Executive Board

PresidentTommy Locke

Vice President – Alex Geisinger

Secretary – Terry Rothlisberger

Treasurer – Ben Nagan

Zone Coordinators:

West Zone (Defending Mider Cup Champions) – Brian Kohout

South Zone – Brian Gustafson

East Zone – RL Molen

North Zone – Cody Parsons


“Who’s my representative?” Good question.  The board represents the membership at large, however a members direct representative is their Zone Coordinator.  If you don’t know what zone you’re in, check out our Zone Boundaries page.