MFA Calendar

If you would like your events, tournaments, or leagues to be listed on the calendar please follow one of the steps below the calendar:

Get your events on the calendar!

If you have a Gmail account:

  1. Create your event/league on your Google Calendar.
  2. Before saving the event, invite:
  3. Once the invite is accepted, your event will appear on the MFA Calendar

If you do not have a Gmail account:

  1. Email your event details to including the below information:
    • Event name
    • Event date(s), including any recurring dates (start and end date)
    • Detailed description of your event (location(s), fees, prizes, etc.)
    • Facebook event/group link (if applicable)
    • Any additional details you would like to have displayed for your event
  2. Once received, the MFA will add your event to the calendar to appear on the website

*Events will be screened and reviewed. Any inappropriate details will be removed or the event may not be added to the calendar. Please contact the MFA by email if you have any questions.