MDS – Lakewood Hills

July 27, 2014 @ 1:00 pm
Lakewood Hills DGC
Open ‐ $25/player, $50/team  Advanced ‐ $20/player, $40/team  Intermediate ‐ $15/player, $30/team  Women’s ‐ $15/player, $30/team
Collin Hager

What format will you use?
– Best shot doubles
– Two rounds, 18 holes per round
– Signup at 8:00‐8:45am (will not accept entries after 8:45am)
– Players meeting 8:45am
– Tee off 9:00am sharp
– One hour lunch break, after last card is turned in
– Awards no more than 30 min after final card is returned

Will the format listed above be used at all events?
- Above listed format will be used at all events

What divisions will you offer, and what will be the entry fee per player?
Open ‐ $25/player, $50/team
Advanced ‐ $20/player, $40/team
Intermediate ‐ $15/player, $30/team
Women’s  ‐ $15/player, $30/team

Looking for more information?  Check out the Minnesota Doubles Series page.



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