Mider Cup 2023

Mider Cup Captains have been selected! Congratulations to:
Michael Stadther (North)
Cale Leiviska (North)
Jason Wilder (West)
Kyle Anderson (West)
Tony Cahill (East)
Lora Murtha (East)
Dustin Reutzel (South)
Scott Markquart (South)

8 team match play event; 18 players/team. Top 3 teams paid out at end of day.
One day event in 2023.

8 Teams

2 pools of 4

1 day event for 2023; Held at Cedar Creek in Fairmont on Sunday October 29th.

2 rounds of 18 holes; lunch break in between rounds (1 hr)

Final 9 between top teams from each pool to play for 1st place; Final 9 between second team from each pool to play for 3rd place

Each pool will have players play each other team within their pool for 12 holes in Match Play. 

12 holes against team 1; first 6 holes against team 2; |Lunch Break| last 6 against team 2; 12 holes against team 3

Win=2 pts

Tie=1 pt 

After pool play, top team from each pool will play 9 holes against top team from other pool to determine Mider Cup Champion.

 2nd place team will play 2nd place team from other pool to determine 3rd place.

If two teams are tied after Match play, Tied captains will designate a player one and a player two. Player one matchup is the primary match that matters for each hole.  If the player one matchup pushes, the player two matchup on hole 1 will determine the tiebreaker.  If player two match is a tie, all four players proceed to hole 2, and repeat until the tie is broken.  We will follow the same process for the final 9.

1st vs 1st; 2nd vs 2nd per respective pools

Final 9 following a 30 minute break at the end of round 2. (if 2 courses used, TBD before event which course is the final 9 course)  So 1st vs 1st ;2nd vs 2nd will be on same card based on divisions breakups

Standard PDGA rules will be followed with a few minor exceptions possible at the discretion of the Director of Competition.

We will begin a planned rotation where we will move the host zone clockwise through the state in a clockwise matter as long as a suitable and available venue is available.  If necessary, the MFA Board reserves the right to change the venues location to meet the needs of the event.  If two different sites are needed; they must be within 15 minutes of the primary site/location of the final 9.

Location requirements

The Location must be able to host 144 players-likely on two courses that are of a Blue/Advanced level course or higher.  The MFA Director of Competition will announce which courses will be played the day the Captains are announced (August week 1).  The Director of Competition will also announce which of the courses (if more than one) will be played for the final 9.

MST/MDS points will begin to be tabulated once the Mider Cup proposal has the memberships approval.  All MDS event points will count, MST season will begin at the Spring Opener.  Points earned through Labor Day will count for the Mider Cup automatic bids.

Points used to determine automatic Mider Cup bids will be tabulated until Monday evening of Labor Day Weekend.

Captains will apply and be approved by MFA Board.  Ideally, we will have 2 captains from each of the traditional four MFA Zones (NESW)

Qualifications include those who already support/work in Disc Golf events, TDs, LDs, Trainers, Course contacts, volunteers, etc.

Our intentions are to have prospective Captains apply for the position.   Our goal is to find two captains from each Zone (NSEW).  We will ask for and review Captain applications in June and July.  Captains to be announced first week of August.  Captains must be a current MFA member. If we do not have the candidate/zone we are looking for, we may choose a captain from outside that zone to fulfill the 8 captain/team requirement. 

Captains TBD by MFA board. Captains are eligible to play for their Mider Cup Team.

Prospective candidates will apply for captainship in June and July.  Captains will be announced August Week 1.

  • 4=MPO
  • 4=MA1
  • 3=MA2
  • 2=MP40
  • 1=MA40
  • 1=MP50/MA50
  • 1=FPO/FA1
  • 1=FA2/FA3
  • 1=MJ15
  • 3=alternate players

Eligible players

All players must be current members of the MFA.

A player is eligible for a guaranteed spots on a Mider Cup team by playing in a minimum of 3 MFA events (MST/MDS) in a minimum of two of the four zones.

Players are selected via draft or through free agency.

Players can receive an automatic Mider cup bid based on performance in MST/MDS events.  The Players who have earned an automatic Mider Cup bid will be drafted the week following Labor Day.  The rest of the team will be filled in the following two week free agency period. 

Players can compete and earn their way into an automatic Mider cup position.  We will use the MST format to determine the top players in certain divisions to award automatic bids for predetermined spots in some divisions.  The remaining spots will be chosen by the team captains from the remaining eligible players through the free agency period.

MST events will be calculated from Spring Opener through Labor Day weekend to determine automatic awarded spots.

Top awarded players from each zone will be determined at this time.  A draft will be held the week following Labor Day for eligible players.

After MST/MDS points (for Mider cup consideration, not year end standings) have stopped on Labor Day, Captains will hold a draft for automatic spots the Week following Labor Day.

Top players in the following divisions can receive automatic bids based on earning the most points within their zones (North/South/East/West)

MPO (2 spots)

MA1 (2 spots)

MA2 (1 spot)

Masters 40+ (1 spot) top point earner/zone regardless of division

Masters 50+ (1 spot) top point earner/zone regardless of division

Ladies divisions (1 spot) top point earner2/zone regardless of division

On the Sunday following Labor day, the free agency period will begin.  Team Captains can contact prospective players to field the best team they can.  The Free Agency period will last two weeks. At this time, players and position (MPO-1, MPO-2, MA1-11, MA1-2, etc.) must be posted on the MFA site/submitted to mfa board. The only way a player can be replaced after the fact is if the player has contacted the MFA Director of Competition via email or text message stating they are unable to play.  IF a player is unable to play, their spot will be filled by one of the 3 alternates as determined by their captain if applicable.  In the event their spot cannot be filled from the alternate list, the director of competition may allow the captain to pursue potential players who are eligible.

On the Sunday following Labor Day, the two week free agency period begins.  Captains will fill their team as indicated below, and also signing 3 alterative players who are eligible to play in multiple divisions based on skill, age, gender, etc.

MFA members are only eligible to be signed to one team.  If a player is signed as an alternate, they are eligible to be an alternate for multiple teams.

If the day of the Mider event more than one team needs one duplicated alternate, the alternate will be assigned via a CTP throw off by the Captains.

Eligible Events will be MST events from Spring Opener through Labor Day, and all MDS Events through Labor Day.

Captains apply June/July

Captains announced 8/1

Player stats tracked from spring opener through Labor Day (9/4/23)

Tuesday (post Labor Day)-Friday (9/5 through 9/8); Captains will draft awarded automatic bids

Sunday after Labor Day, Free Agency begins; Captains will fill rest of their team. Free Agency period is from 9/10-9/23.

After 9/23, Alternates can be “signed”.

Pools will be randomly assigned the Thursday before the event.

Event will be held on Sunday 10/29/2023 at Cedar Creek in Fairmont MN (South Zone)

Why change the format?

With the growth of the sport-we would like to expand the field from 72-144 players to allow as many players as possible to play the event without diluting the field.

In the past, we’ve had a N/S/E/W format.  This year, we are proposing an 8 team format; with teams drafted and recruited by captains.

Example Payout

1st gets double what 2nd gets around 60% of pot (approx. 4.67x entry fee)

2nd gets half what 1st gets (approx. 2.33x entry fee)

3rd gets 12.5% (money back)


18 players

20 each


2880 total pot

360 to 3rd  ($20/player)

2520 remains

900-2nd  $50/player

1620 1st $90/each player